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Passion & travel



Travelling and meeting different tribes. That’s the reason we are living. We have always wanted to get closer to this universe. The current crisis has allowed us to refocus and remember our travels. An idea came to us. Associate our travels, the tribes that we have been able to meet in the world of fashion and music. In 2019, we have decided to collaborate with designers from different part of the world.

So an idea came to us, creating a brand that will bring together young designers from different continents. Nomad wants to work in Pop up and meet people by settling in different events (villa, yacht, estate …) and bringing a unique atmosphere.

We work with young designers sensitive to responsible productions, to slow fashion. In order to avoid unsold, overproduction, destruction. And focus on quality over quantity.


slow fashion

Slow fashion is part of a more global trend of slow life, that of slowing down. we could literally say “slow life, slow mode” in french. This concept revisits the way we consume fashion in favor of better quality, eco-designed and sustainable clothing.

To restore value to clothing and to the act of purchase, to guarantee the quality of clothing but also to pay real attention to the choice of materials, conditions and places of production. Slow fashion therefore relies on ethical and sustainable fashion. She does not hesitate to be transparent behind the scenes and on her production choices. Slow fashion aims for quality rather than quantity.



Our campaigns, the latest trends and new collections



Our campaigns, the latest trends and new collections

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